Different Strokes for Different Folks: how the different ice machine types can satisfy your business needs

Icetroamerica Blog,

Ice machines come in various types, each suited to different applications and business needs and Icetro offers models in each category.

1. **Modular Ice Machines**: Ideal for high-volume applications like restaurants, bars, and large events. These machines produce large quantities of ice and can be paired with different types of ice bins or dispensers (both beverage and ice/water types). Typically, a customer who needs a modular unit is looking for at least 300 lbs. of ice per day. Icetro’s modular units can make up to about 2000 lbs. per day and feature 3 main widths: 22”, 30”, and 48”. Modular units are also distinguished by how they cool the refrigerant: air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote-cooled. Customers end up choosing the modular unit they need based on a variety of factors: how much ice is needed per day, what size bin or dispenser, and what kind of cooling system they prefer. Icetro’s IM series features a variety of production volumes, sizes, and cooling types to fit a wide variety of needs, from the smallest model, the IM-0350, to the largest, the IM-2000.

2. **Undercounter Ice Machines**: Designed to fit under standard-height countertops, making them perfect for small bars, cafes, or businesses with limited space. They produce a moderate amount of ice and come with built-in storage bins. Most undercounter units make less than 300 lbs. per day and some as little as 30-40 lbs. While undercounter units may be able to supply all the ice needs of a smaller operation, they are also often used in combination with a modular unit in order to make ice access easier for the staff. For example, a large restaurant might have a 1000-pound ice machine (like our IM-1100 series) in the back of the house for general beverage and food prep needs, but also have a 200-pound undercounter unit (like our IU-0220 series) in the bar to supply ice for cocktails.

3. **Dispensing Ice Machines**: These machines dispense ice directly into cups, making them convenient for self-service areas in break rooms, cafeterias, healthcare facilities, or convenience stores. The most common type of ice and water dispenser dispenses nugget ice and filtered water. The device both makes the ice and stores it, which means you only need one machine to do all the work! Sizing the ice and water dispenser depends on how many people will be using it. The more people, the more ice you want the dispenser to store in its bin. Icetro offers 3 ice and water dispenser models: ID-0160-AN, ID-0300-AN, and the ID-0450-AN. Another category of dispenser is the hotel dispenser, which has a high-flow dispensing chute for filling hotel guest ice buckets, but it can also be used for providing ice for workers or golf course patrons. These units get their ice from modular ice machines placed on top. Make sure you determine both how much ice you want in a 24-hour period, and how much needs to be stored for multiple dispenses in a short time frame. Icetro’s hotel dispenser models are the ID-H150-22 and the ID-H250-30.

4. **Nugget Ice Machines**: Also known as chewable ice, nugget ice machines produce soft, chewable ice that’s popular in healthcare settings, bars, and restaurants. Nugget ice is appreciated for its ability to both cool a beverage and absorb its flavors, especially for those of us who like to chew our ice! Icetro offers 3 types of nugget ice machines: the IM-0770-AN modular nugget machine, the ID series nugget ice and water dispensers (mentioned above), and the small undercounter unit, the IU-0090-AN, which is perfect for small breakrooms and even residential kitchens.

5. **Flake Ice Machines**: Produce soft, chewable ice flakes, ideal for food displays, seafood preservation, or medical use due to its cooling properties. Icetro offers a modular flake ice machine, the IM-0770-AF, but also offers a unique “snow flake” machine called the IS-0700, which is typically used for snow cones or shaved ice desserts.

When choosing an ice machine for your business, be sure to consider factors such as the volume of ice required, available space, preferred ice type, and budget. Matching the right ice machine type to your specific needs can improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Contact us at Icetro if you have more questions on how our products can satisfy your specific business and customer needs!