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Ice Makers: 3-Year Parts & Labor

  • Evaporator: 5-Year Parts & Labor (Nugget/Flake: 3 Years)
  • Compressor: 5-Year Parts & 3-Year Labor

Ice/Water Dispensers: 3-Year Parts & Labor

  • Compressor: 5-Year Parts & 3-Year Labor

Snow Flake Machines: 1-Year Parts & Labor

Slush Machines: 1-Year Parts & Labor

  • Compressor: 5-Year Parts & 1-Year Labor

* Residential Warranty: 1-Year Parts & Labor

  • All ICETRO products if installed in a residential setting



* Covers only ice makers

  • How to determine the manufacturing date based on the serial number (SN)? The first letter indicates the year, and the second the month of production. For example, a SN starting with “TA” indicates the unit was made in 2020 (T = 2020) in the month of January (A = January). Click here for a reference table that shows the years and months. Please also contact us to determine the warranty status based on warranty registration via card or online. 


Register your IcePro filters here to extend the 3-year basic warranty to 4 years.

Filter Registration


Parts and Labor Form Labor allowance policy

This warranty does not include parts and labor coverage for component failure or other damage resulting from;

  1. External electrical power failure or miswiring to Products for any reason
  2. External water supply failure or plumbing problems to Products for any reason
  3. External drain line malfunction
  4. Adverse operating conditions as set forth in the user manual for the Products
  5. Failure to clean and/or maintain Product as set forth in the user manual for the Products 



* Covers only ice makers

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* Covers all ICETRO Products

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At Icetro America, we are always looking for ways to better support our customers and service agents to more quickly resolve technical issues in the field. One way we do this is by using XM Reality, a “remote visual assistant” that allows our service managers to connect to a service agent’s or customer’s smartphone and use the camera function to see what they are seeing. XM Reality also allows for both parties to use pointers on the screen and to take snap shots that can be annotated to highlight key elements or items. Using this advanced technology helps us resolve problems more quickly and inexpensively for all parties. We believe in using technology to improve our customers’ and service agents’ experience with Icetro products and will continue to innovate. 

Service Contact & Technical Support

National Service Manager:

Jason Myers

Office: 714-215-4874 Ext. 407

Cell: 714-925-7257


Ice and Slush Machines:

Mitch Knight

East Coast Service Manager

Office: 470-567-8693 Ext. 509


8 am – 5 pm EST (Mon – Fri)


Andrew Montano

West Coast Service Manager

Office: 714-215-4864 Ext. 408

Cell: 562-991-9839


8am – 5pm PST (Mon – Fri)